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Elettronica Group & Lendlease

together in the bio-defense of people against the pandemic

Elettronica Group, world class leader for 70 years in the electronic defense sector, and Lendlease, international real estate and urban regeneration group, asMIND developer, presented today at MIND, Milano Innovation District,E4Shield a unique technology in the world, capable of inactivating Covid 19 viruses and its variants Wuhan, Delta and Omicron and programmable in the future for new pathogens.

E4Shield was conceived and patented by the Elettronica company which, thanks to its seventy years of experience in the management of the electromagnetic spectrum, has also transferred its skills to the Biodefense sector. The further development of E4Shield was made possible thanks to the partnership with Lendlease, to contribute to the current and future pandemic threat, in line with the commitment to create built spaces that guarantee ever higher standards of well-being and health of people and the planet.

E4Shield, completely Made in Italy, by acting inside closed environments such as schools, lifts, means of transport, is able to inactivate the virus in an aerosol within 3 minutes, helping to mitigate the pandemic threat. This is one of the first innovation projects, born within the ecosystem of MIND companies dedicated to research in the fields of life sciences and cities of the future, through the contamination and sharing of innovation ideas and projects.

E4shield is in fact a unique "disruptive" solution in the world that puts the expertise and technology of the leader in electronic defense systems, Elettronica Group at the service of civil society and sees Lendlease as a partner for the development of the application in the built environment.

The technological innovation of E4Shield is based on the scientific evidence reported in various contributions from the literature, including a study published by the journal Nature, which have amply demonstrated the ability of electromagnetic fields to inhibit the viral load of pathogens.


Rome, Elettronica S.p.A.
05 Jul 2022