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Elettronica approves its Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Elettronica approves its Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Creation and sharing of values based on growth, innovation and environmental sustainability

After the first Sustainability Report and the storytelling experience of The Social Portrait, Elettronica has approved the Social Report for the second year in a row, achieving its goal of measuring the created value for the company and its stakeholders.

“This report shows that for a global company as Elettronica, competitiveness is not only measured by revenues’ growth, but also by the capability of facing future challenges while putting in place strategies and processes that would assure environmental, economic and social responsibility over time” said Enzo Benigni, Ceo and President of Elettronica Group.

Promoting suppliers’ economic and social sustainability; investments in research and development and the creation of innovation for industrial growth, country’s security and lever for university research; respect for the environment and health protection.

These pillars of the Elettronica Social Responsibility that take part into a system of ethical standards, regulation and internal management already exist within the Group. Their objective is to ensure conduct and accountability, assure the achievement of company goals, minimize the organization’s risk exposure and stimulate a constant improvement.


Social Report 2018: main evidences 




The innovation, quality and reliability of Elettronica products and solutions are linked to the capability of selecting and counting on an excellent and sustainable supply chain and to stimulate its improvement. This process is facilitated by a quality Committee made of suppliers that works for the creation of framework agreements. With the aim of ensuring the quality of the final product and of preserving its commitment towards the country, Elettronica prefers national and local suppliers. The total amount of national suppliers in 2018 was of 554 (21 more compared to the previous yaear), of which 202 in the Lazio region (32 more compared to the previous year) for a generated value of €101 million, of which 59% in the country and 31% in the region. Around 32% of these has experienced a quality upgrade if compared to the previous year.


Elettronica’s proximity to customers has the aim to ensure full support in the utilization of products and in their operative life set up. This happens throughout a constant and punctual technical assistance on the field. Besides that, Elettronica integrates its systems with training courses in order to improve the performances of the defence systems installed on board the platforms. Elettronica EW ACADEMY has offered almost 30 weeks of high-level courses, with the participation of almost 120 people.


In continuity with the line that strongly defines the company’s strategic choices, Elettronica has invested around 10% of its revenue in R&D activities in 2018. This amount must be added to the investment in innovation related to specific programs.

In 2018, the company obtained €2 million in funds in the Industry 4.0 framework, and 9 innovation projects have been launched with 25 private venture related-projects.

Besides that, university and research centers’ projects were funded with 328 thousands euro, while 83 thousands euro have been granted to universities. This effort allowed Elettronica to obtain 3 new technologies.

Elettronica partnerships’ network can count today on 9 institutional scientific actors and 21 researchers.

Amongst Elettronica’s innovation objectives, of particular note is the participation of Cy4gate, a Group company, to the newly born Competence center sulla cyber security, in which 37 private entities and 9 public institutional subjects take part.


Engaging and enhancing are key words in the working context of the company, as a new employee, in an integration pathway called I-Elt, a six months induction to fully understand the dynamics and the required skills. Every year Elettronica, currently made of 738 employees, hires 50 new people by managing a generational turnover with awareness and attention.

With regard to this, it is worth noting that the average period spent in the company is 18 years. The professional pathway in the company is constantly followed by a Performance management system to guide employees towards the expected objectives, to which the company concur throughout the participation to the economic results achieved (the average bonus amounts to 2,505€).

Welfare policies have been upheld and, apart from the flexible benefits package (around 1000 € per employee), other initiatives meant to improve worklife balance have been pursued, such as: company’s butler, Amazon locker, Cral cultural initiatives, company’s canteen, free healthcare for employees and their families. Besides that, great attention was given to healthcare with a €140 k investment for the company’s infirmary. Moreover, safety-oriented policies have been adopted, allowing the company to achieve the 0 occupational illnesses goal, with only 3 incidents in the workplace in the whole year 2018.

For the second year in a row, Elettronica Group has been awarded of the Great Place to Work certification, confirming its great effort towards people. This important award is assigned to those organizations that prove themselves attentive to the quality of their organizational culture and of their working environment.


As far as it concerns the environmental question, Elettronica has undertaken a pathway aimed at making it a green company. First, by pursuing an energy efficiency and by reducing the CO2 production and consumption, throughout photovoltaic panels, electric and hybrid company cars and by encouraging car sharing amongst employees. 

In 2018, the company has reached an energy saving value of €30k.

Domitilla Benigni, COO of Elettronica, commented the second edition of the report saying, “since the very beginning of this path, we have chosen to adopt a step-by-step approach, making every single stakeholder aware and part of our values. We are happy with what has been done so far, giving us a broad vision of the results achieved and of the great corporate effort on many fronts. The challenge continues and starting from the 2019 Report, we foresee a direct involvement of a pilot group of key stakeholders to verify the expected value and to collect useful suggestions for a constant improvement”.

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Rome, Elettronica S.p.A.
02 Sep 2019